Designer dresses donate by Duchess of Rutland

Almost everyone likes designer dresses. Some people can go to great heights to have clothing brands. Of course, designer clothing is always well made with good quality material, but they are not always affordable. High designer brands can cost a fortune to buy for a budget conscious person.

Recently, it was learnt that the Duchess of Rutland –a place from central England and surrounded by Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire donated designer brand clothing from her personal collection.

The designer brand of clothing that has been donated by the Duchess of Rutland has gone up for sale at 3 charity shops. Earlier, her highness had these designer clothing made for herself and her 2 daughters named ‘Lady Eliza Manners and Lady Alice Manners’.

The designer dresses include 2 cocktail dresses, which had been worn in a 1920 theme based family party at the famous Belvoir castle. Her highness decided to donate, to inspire other people to donate in the same manner and also due to the fact, that she is the president of the Rainbows Children Hospice. It is worthy to note that the royal family has held various such events at their Belvoir castle and have carried out fund raising events.

The designer dresses brand like Diesel, Guess etc. will go for display soon at the charity shops in Blaby, Matlock and Melton. As per Ms Emily Carter, the dress is of blue color and a 2 piece pretty evening gown made from a designer from Los Angeles. The duchess’s daughters dress includes material from the famous Joel and son fabrics in London and created by designer Lesley Cullen.

The people involved in this charity programme are hopeful of everyone participating with their own dress donations, which are of no use to them. This would help to raise funds.


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